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On Base Baseball 1980 Season
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Relive the 1980 MLB baseball season using On Base Baseball. You'll get every batter and pitcher that got into a game during the 1980 season (over 1000 players), each with his own card. Also included is the full roster sheet set and game engine chart for playing On Base Baseball without cards. This is a terrific set for a full-season replay. Bring the stars of this storied season to your tabletop!

Included in your purchase:

  • All batters carded who made an appearance in 1980
  • All pitchers carded who made an appearance in 1980
  • Full batter and pitcher roster sheets with On Base ratings and stats
  • 1980s Game Engine Chart
  • Two scorecards (by inning and by at bat)
  • On Base Quick Start Guide

What makes On Base Baseball unique?

The game was built from scratch to include the fun and fast pace of dice baseball with the sophistication of more detailed dice games like APBA and Strat-O-Matic. The big twist is that the game engine is built completely on Sabermetrics and advanced stats--blending the analytics of today's game with the game play of the past. Here are some of the features that have helped On Base Baseball become one of the best baseball sims on the market:

  • The game engine is printed on the cards making it a chartless game
  • Pitcher-hitter interaction begins each roll
  • Online dice roller app to speed up play or when you need to roll silently
  • Lots of stats printed on each card teach you about the players
  • Very customizable, open game engine
  • Simple, fast game play
  • Great for casual baseball fans or for teaching kids the game of baseball
You will get a ZIP (2MB) file

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