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Play Action Football 2023 NFL Season

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The inaugural season of Play Action Football, a play-by-play football board game that you can play in under 2 hours! This season includes everything you need to replay the 2023 NFL season--no need to make another purchase for components or teams. With this purchase you'll get:

  • Team cards for all 32 NFL teams
  • Special plays charts
  • Auto play calling charts (for solo play)
  • 18 offensive and defensive formation cards (for head-to-head play)
  • Game guide
  • Play Action Football scoresheet
  • Clock and field for keeping track of game action
  • Momentum cards

Required but not included:

  • 2 d10 dice (preferably different colors)
  • 2 d6 dice (preferably different colors)
  • Tokens for keeping track of game info and clock

You can think of Play Action Football as a game somewhere between the more complex and realistic play-by-play games (APBA, Second Season) and quicker playing team-based games (Fast Drive Football, Game-Winning Drive, Fast Action Football). The game is based on team attributes and statistics but also includes a player finder for attributing full stats to players in the games. Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Fast action. The game can be played in 2 hours while keeping full stats.
  • Deep customization. Every team's passing plays have been customized to their performance.
  • Full stats. You can assign stats for passing, rushing, penalties, and defensive events.
  • The big Mo. Use the optional momentum cards to swing the game momentum from team to team.
  • He gone. Breakaways allow big plays to happen on passes, rushes, or special teams.
  • Field general. Decide which play to run (7 different offensive play types and 11 defenses) in the key moment of the game or let the dice decide.
  • Stuff it in. In goal line situations choose appropriate goal line offensive and defensive plays.
  • No game the same. Variable yardages ensure no two games are the same and all games have a series of little dramatic moments.
  • Realistic teams. Each team has specific offensive and defensive attributes that put them at an advantage or disadvantage relative to the other team.
  • Raining cats and dogs. Optional rules for outdoor stadium weather, coffin corner punts, Hail Marys, onside kicks, and more.
  • Challenging. Throw the challenge flag to challenge the spot of the ball, catches, fumbles, or interceptions.

Use any of the included stats and values to create home brew rules or mix and match optional rules to play the game you want to play. With an open game engine every replay can be your replay.

You will get a ZIP (1MB) file

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